Top quality fleece from the finest sheep in California!

Shearing is done. The fleeces have been thoroughly skirted and are now available. Now taking reservations for Shearing Day 2014 Fleeces cost $14.00 to $26.00 per pound and we require a $50.00 deposit to hold your reservation. You can reserve fleeces anytime during the year, but to ensure you get the fleeces you want, reserve them before shearing day!

0381We are a diversified sustainable farm located in the beautiful Sierra Valley one of the largest alpine valleys of California’s Sierra Nevada mountain range.  We have been raising sheep for five generations.   We offer some of the finest grass fed lamb and cage free, range chicken eggs.  We also produce fabulous raw wool fleeces for had spinners and fiber enthusiasts.

058We truly believe in looking at the whole picture.  We work very hard in having harmony on our property.  We are totally off the grid for over 20 years now. We have solar panels that charge our battery pack with a propane backup generator to power our farm. There is an artesian spring that feeds three ponds on the property.  We use the captured water to irrigate the pasture for our young lambs and ewes.  The older lambs and ewes are on the range.  Which is high mountain desert of sage, bitterbrush, grasses and pockets of lush green meadows surrounded by a mix of pine, cedar and fir trees on the property.  The sheep are protected by our two Maremmas (guardian dogs).

DSCN0662We also do selective logging on the property to keep our timber growing and healthy.  From our logging operations we produce logs that are sold to the local mill.  If the logs are not sound enough for boards they are processed into firewood which is sold to the local population and some of the firewood is bundled for our local state park for the campers.  We keep some of our saw logs to mill on our portable sawmill.  We can custom cut lumber for clients and ourselves.  We seem to always have a building project of some sort going on at the ranch.  Clients can also bring us their logs to be cut into beautiful rough cut boards to their liking.